Our Multimedia 

Multimedia refers to the use of a combination of various media elements, such as photos, videos, audio, and print, to create a rich and dynamic experience. In the context of wedding services, it means capturing and presenting your special day through a diverse range of media, ensuring a vibrant and comprehensive representation of your wedding stor

01. What is MultiMedia?

Yes, I do. During your free discovery call, we explore what your wishes are. After our call, I will make a custom quote tailored to your wedding days & needs. You can always add on more services closer to your wedding date. 

02. Do You Offer Customized Collections?

We use the following equipment for our multimedia capture: Canon Mark IV, Canon R6, Canon FTB Film, Iphone Pro Max 14, Fuji Instax Camera Wide, Fuji Instax Camera Small, & Disposables by Kodak. 

03. What Equipment
Do You Use?

You will receive everything in 4-6 weeks. The photographs will be delivered to you in a private online gallery, the polaroids will be delivered to you giftwrapped and the iphone bts footage is brought to you on a private,
digital server.

04. How Do We Receive Everything?

Yes, you can book as many or as few services a you like. Combine photography, 35mm mm, polaroids and Iphone BTS footage in any combination that fills your heart with excitement for the big day.

05. Can I book a separate service?

We are not videographer in the traditional sense of the word. Videography/film making is a separate art form that we do not currently offer. If you'd like to add a film to your collection please let us know and I'll share a full list  of my favourite vendors. Find the two best I know  here: Each and Every Moment & DUO films.

06. Note: We Are Not Videographers


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When you are truly yourselves in front of the camera, that's when the magic comes out. And I make it my job for you to feel comfortable and at ease. A great connection doesn't come out of nowhere, let me get to know you to see you as you are. Let me create the most beautiful wedding memories for you that last a lifetime. 


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A wedding content creator is an added bonus. It's someone who's going to be a part of your media team, available to capture moments from all angles. While your videographer is capturing all the official moments, we are out behind-the-scenes capturing candid footage. We use the Iphone 14 Pro Max to record content in a native format.

Wedding Content Creation


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Your book is like a treasure chest you open at your old family home and in a it a world full of memories. 
A book designed from scratch, with the highest quality organic and sustainable materials. With an editorial and timeless style, your photographs will tell your story that will want to look at over and over again with your friends and family. 

L'Amour The Book