Your day deserves to be printed in a stylish wedding book. When I couldn't find a fitting book, I decided to create one. Introducing your wedding book like you've never seen it before - L'AMOUR THE BOOK - a cutting-edge, fashion-forward book that captures every moment of your special day in style. With stunning visuals and expert design, this fashion photography style book will be a treasured keepsake that you'll be proud to display and share with family and friends for years to come. 

"A manifesto of your love, a curation of your legacy.
These are the beautiful memories you'll treasure with loved ones for generations to come."

Essentials Service

Choose Your Design Experience


Signature Service


✓ 1 Piece of L'AMOUR The Book
Our signature editorial photobook 

✓ 100 pages
Including your favourite 80 photos

✓ In-House Design 
We create a beautiful design for you

✓ Chronological Lay-Out
We create a beautiful design for you

✓ A Surprise Design
For brides who have full faith in our design skills, this option has no digital proofing. You'll lay eyes on your day in print for the first time when you open your book at home. 








✓ 1 Piece of L'AMOUR The Book
Our signature editorial photobook 

✓ 100 pages
Including your favourite 80 photos

✓ In-House Design 
We create a beautiful design for you

✓ Chronological Lay-Out
We create a beautiful design for you

✓ 1 Revision Round/Digital Proofing
1 revision round included 

*additional revision rounds available at €395 
per round

✓ 1 Piece of L'AMOUR The Book
Our signature editorial photobook 

✓ 240 pages
Including your favourite 130 photos

✓ Your vows
Including your written vows

✓ In-House Design 
We create a beautiful design for you

✓ Chronological Lay-Out
We create a beautiful design for you

✓ 3 Revision Rounds/Digital Proofing
We design your book in 3 revision rounds to maximize your hands-on participation in the design process.


Choose Your Cover Type



Our signature book. 



A customized version for you with your first names or new last name.

The L'AMOUR book is only available to Oydin+Mei brides. Choose your design experience and book cover.

Order you book via the form below & choose your favourite photographs via your custom link in your online wedding gallery. 

We'll start on the design of your book and you'll receive an indication of the delivery time within 4 weeks.

We quality check the photobook when it arrives back at Oydin+Mei. After the thorough inspection, we gift-wrap the album and send to your chosen adres. 


How It Works


Choose your book experience & COVER







Your wedding was a beautiful day filled with love, laughter, and cherished memories. Every moment was like a sweet note in your love story, and now, you have the chance to share those moments with those who mean the most. 

Your parents played a significant role in your life's journey, supporting you through every verse and chorus. Maybe they also invested a lot of their love, time, and resources into making your wedding day a dream come true.

It's not just a gift; it's a legacy, a treasure trove of memories, a love letter captured in time.

So, let's make this gesture the perfect note to end your wedding symphony – a way to say "Thank you" for their love, support, and the melodies they've brought into your life.

Let's make them dance with delight, like they did on your big day! 

An exact replica of your 100-paged book.


An exact replica of your 240-paged book.




Extra Copies

ordering an exact replica as a gift to friends & family

Reliving your day for years to come


How many books can I order?

Any number between one and ten. We know you’ll eventually might need more rather than less. Remember the idea is to actually permanently display your book on coffee tables, side tables and anywhere else you think they’ll fit. No books in cupboards please! These are not ‘traditional’ wedding albums.

How are they shipped?

The books are carefully wrapped and boxed before being shipped via PostNL to the delivery address provided when you made your purchase. Delivery times will vary depending on your location. Please allow a minimum of three weeks from print approval to receipt of your book.

Do you offer returns?

Nope. This is a bespoke product and you will be extensively involved in their production thus there should be no valid reason for you to return them.

What happens if I spill coffee on a book?

We’re avid coffee drinkers ourselves... But the books are printed on uncoated paper for aesthetic reasons so if you happen to spill coffee (or any liquid) on one, it will stain, as with any paper. But that is exactly why you will have more than one. Furthermore, you can always keep one or two tucked away for safekeeping and should you ever need additional books printed, you have but to ask.

How many design changes can I make?

We will allow up to three small design revisions (ie: b&w/colour changes, correction of a typo and shuffling of an image). If you need to make any major revisions such as because you uploaded the incorrect images you will be charged at an hourly rate of €95 (1 hour minimum charge). 

How many pages will my book have?

Signature books are 240 pages plus the cover, and the essential books are 100 pages plus the cover. We know how many stunning wedding photos your photographer sent you so let’s make sure we do them justice and put them on display. 

Do you ship internationally?

We sure do! Please complete the order form as normal - our shipping costs will be indicated during checkout. The good news is there are no duties payable on books however you may need to pay sales tax on entry to your country.

Can I order additional copies of my existing book?

Absolutely. And it’ll cost you less the second time around due to there being no design time. Please send us an email - info@oydinmei.com and we’d be more than happy to help you out. 

What is foil?

Foil stamping is a special effect in which heat, pressure, and a metallic foil are used to create an eye-catching metallic effect on certain areas. Foil is an additional extra and we recommend using it for the actual title of your zine. Importantly, foil is only available for the cover page.

What paper stock do you use?

Our paper stock has been carefully selected and is compliant with international quality standards (ISO) in terms of it being acid-free, archival and environmentally sustainable.

What is a coated cover?

Coating creates a velvety texture, the paper becomes ‘soft’ to the touch and it increases the tactile appeal. Coating also creates a barrier which is fingerprint resistant. Importantly, the coating doesn’t create shine or gloss - it is more of a sophisticated matte finish.

How do I order my book®?

— Use the order page to purchase between 1 and 10 copies of your L'AMOUR the book®;
— Your email receipt will confirm your order and give you instructions for getting photos and other information such as wording, to us;
— You’ll receive a digital version of your L'AMOUR the book® to proof and approve before we print them;
— Your L'AMOUR the book® arrive at your door!

Can I order my book prior to getting married or receiving my wedding photos back?

Absolutely. You can prepay your entire book to secure current prices .

Can I have a soft cover? 

Nope, it's an editorial style photography book and not a magazine. 

Can I choose to have a glossy stock?

We are very proud of the aesthetic we have created for our wedding zines® and have very carefully selected stocks to ensure that our wedding zines® are of a premium quality, across all aspects (finger prints, durability, colours etc). With this in mind we do not offer alternatives to the stocks we have carefully chosen – sorry, definitely no gloss. 

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