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Each photo tells a story, capturing genuine human connections. Take a journey through this gallery, and see how beauty comes in many different states of being. When I make editorial work that centers around bridal fashion stories & female models, I love exploring & highlighting facets of their personality. Finding what is at the core of someone's personality - the joyous part of them that makes them sing, their inner beauty, their emotions - is what guides this body of work. I love finding the beauty in calm, laughter, contemplation, softness, riotous acts & strength. These explorations in portraiture & fashion give me so much joy and I take all the lessons learnt here into the wedding photography experience I give to all my brides.

Browse a curated collection of my work for bridal design lookbooks, campaigns, covers and editorial assignments.

Interaction between couples is at the heart of all my wedding work. I love photographing couples to capture a part of their dynamic.