Studio Sessions


25.11.23 & 26.11.23 
(fully booked)

02.03.24 & 03.03.24
(fully booked)
16.03.24 & 17.03.24
(fully booked)


30 min photo shoot
all usable pictures incl. (ca.60) digital
color & bw version 

450 EUR


Frequently Asked Questions

What does the photo shoot cost?
450 EUR (including VAT)

What is the exact procedure?
You can come in and prepare 10 minutes before the start of the shoot.
The Shoot

What clothing should we wear?
The most important rule: Wear what makes you feel comfortable! :-)
I personally love studio photography when it resembles fashion/lifestyle photography. So, the outfit matters a lot. Here's a moodboard:

Can we take photos with two different outfits?
You are welcome to change outfits during the shoot.

What if our child doesn't feel like posing for photos?
During the shoot, there will be music playing, which generally creates a very relaxed atmosphere. Even if the kids don't feel like sitting still, you can play with them or let them have fun, so that beautiful pictures are taken in any case.

How many people can we bring?
The shoots are limited to a maximum of 10 adults (infants not included).

Can I book the shoots only as a family?
The shoots are for everyone, whether it's a family, portrait, or couple shoot.

When will the photos be ready?
The photos will be available for download at the latest 4 weeks after the shoot.

Will we receive all the pictures?
You will receive all the usable pictures from the shoot, which will be approximately 30-40.

Can we have the photos unedited?
The photos are available exclusively in my typical color style.

Are all the photos in color or also in black and white?
There will be all pictures in color and additionally in black and white.

What if I need to cancel the shoot on short notice?
Cancellations up to one week before the appointment are free of charge.
From 3 days before the shoot, I must unfortunately charge 50% of the total amount unless you find a replacement who can take the appointment.

In case of a cancellation on the same day, I must charge 100% of the total amount unless you find a replacement who can take the appointment.