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6 september 2023

In the sun-kissed playground of the Mediterranean, where the sea whispers secrets to the shore, we’re about to unravel the hottest wedding venues this side of la belle France! Let’s dive into a world where wedding dreams turn into reality, and “I do” sounds even more luxurious with a French accent. From châteaux that have seen more romance than your favorite rom-coms to villas that Instagram influencers would kill for, we’ve got your backstage pass to the glitziest soirées in the South of France. Get ready for a wedding journey that’ll make your heart skip a beat and your champagne flute overflow.

Villa Ephrussi De Rothschild

If Joan Didion would describe what entering this iconic venue would feel like, perhaps it would go something like this. “Entering the gardens of Villa Ephrussi, one traverses the threshold of time. The air carries whispers of a bygone era, where lush greenery unfolds with the grace of a forgotten sonnet. Paths wind like sentences, leading to hidden alcoves where one can pause, reflecting on the passage of moments. Amidst this verdant reverie, one confronts the unending tide of existence, where beauty and transience converge in a delicate dance, much like the gardens themselves.” This venue is ethereal and tbh, a bit surreal. Hosting your wedding here feels like you’re allowed to enter a pocked of quite timelessness, a place of refuge from the real world. A perfect setting for your once in a lifetime event.

Nice, France
Venue Capacity ‑ 300
43.6967° N, 7.3285° E

Château Saint Georges

Located in the green hills of Grasse, this venue is both cosy and elegant. If you’re looking to keep your guest count more intimate but love Villa Ephrussi, Saint Georges is like it’s younger brother. Fun fact, Grasse the world’s perfume capital and you & your guests can tour some of the the world’s most renowned perfumeries during your event week.

Venue Capacity ‑ 150
43.6681° N, 6.9385° E

Châteux D’Estoublon

The stairs, the olive groves, the grapevines! It’s not hard to see what makes this venue so special. Recently restored to its former glory by Architects de Batimets de France, this five hundred acre estate looks (and smells!) great. The team of Willow and Oak Events know their way around this estate ( so peek their IG for more D’Estoublon content.

Fontvieille, Provence
Venue Capacity ‑ 250
43.7356° N, 4.7423° E

Hôtel du Cap‑Eden‑Roc

Home to Sophia Richie’s 2023 wedding (@sofiarichiegrainge) planned by Banana Split (@bananasplitevents).

Antibes, France
Venue Capacity ‑ 150
43.5483° N, 7.1216° E

Châteaux Du Tourreau

Sarrians, France
Venue Capacity ‑ 150
44.0872° N, 4.9523° E

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